Online Papers

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On the first person and self-knowledge


Error through misidentification: some varieties”, The Journal of Philosophy, 103/8, 2006, pp. 402-425.

Immunity to error through misidentification, the split between speaker's and semantic reference and the real guarantee”, The Journal of Philosophy, 100/8, 2003, pp. 416-31.

Peacocke’s self-knowledge”, Ratio, 21/1, 2008, pp. 13-27.

Self-knowledge: and commitments ”, Synthese, 2008, Online First.

Thought insertion and immunity to error through misidentification”, Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, 9/1, 2002, 27-34.

On what there really is to our notion of the ownership of a thought. A reply to John Campbell”, Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, 9/1, 2002, 41-46.

Which 'key to all mythologies' about the self?—A note on where the illusions of transcendence come from and how to resist them”, committed for a volume on Immunity to error through misidentification, edited by F. Recanati, S. Prosser, under consideration.

Fully self-conscious thoughts and the real guarantee”, under consideration.


On Moore’s Proof of an external world and scepticism


The paradox of Moore's Proof of an external world”, The Philosophical Quarterly, 58/231, 2008, 234-43.

Moore’s Proof, liberals and conservatives. Is there a (Wittgensteinian) third way?”, in A. Coliva (ed.) Meaning, Knowledge and Mind. Essays in Honour of Crispin Wright, OUP, forthcoming.

Moore’s Proof and Martin Davies’s epistemic projects”, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2009, forthcoming.

Varieties of failure (of warrant transmission—what else?)”, under consideration.


On Wittgenstein and relativism


Was Wittgenstein an epistemic relativist?”, Philosophical Investigations, forthcoming.

(with S. Moruzzi) “In there a coherent notion of relativism?”, under consideration.


On Philosophy of perception, concepts and maths


The problem of the finer-grained content of experience. A redefinition of its role within the debate between McDowell and non-Conceptual theorists”, Dialectica, 57/1, 2003, 57-70.

Human diagrammatic reasoning and seeing-as”, under consideration.

Our concept of concept”, under consideration.




Notes on Italian philosophy, peer-reviews and ‘la corruttela’”, Philosophia. Philosophical Quarterly of Israel, forthcoming.