Andrea Sacchetti




Professional title:

Full Professor in Mathematical Physics


Faculty of Sciences


Dipartimento di Matematica, Via Campi 213/B, 41100 Modena

Telephon (office):

+39 0592055209

Telephon (mobile):

+39 3316074421


+39 0592055584






- Calculus

- Mathematical Physics

- Classical Mechanics





Research arguments:

- Mathematical methods in quantum mechanics

- Non linear Schroedinger equation

- Quantum transport of charges in crystals

- Semiclassical methods

- Spectral Analysis

- Periodic differential equations

- Inverse problems


Research projects:

- Head of the national project INdAM 2006-2007 “Mathematical modelling and numerical analysis of quantum systems with applications to nanosciences”

- Head of the national project GNFM-INdAM 2004 “Comportamenti classici in sistemi quantistici”




- Member of the IAMP “International Association of Matematical Physics”

- Member of the GNFM-IndAM “Gruppo Nazionale per la Fisica Matematica”




- Member of the Scientific Board GNFM-INdAM



- Rapporteur of PhD Thesis at the Universities of Aix Marseille, Turin and Tulouse





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> A lecture of Professor Andrea Sacchetti

Pencil drawing by anonymous student, year 1995




> With my collegues at a degree examination

From left to right: Proff. Luca Zanni, Massimo Villarini, Andrea Sacchetti (Chair), Carlo Gagliardi, Giuseppe Chiti and Carlo Benassi.




> In vacation with my wife Raffaella and with my two daughters Annalisa and Francesca.

Porto Cervo, Sardegna